Piece of land for sale at Flic en Flac, First come First Ser

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    Flic en Flac is on the west coast of Mauritius and is having an important tourism development since 4-5 years. With 6 big hotels found on its coast, it attracts nowadays a big poupulation of Mauritius' tourism. Having a piece of land there is becoming something very difficult to achieve, but now you have the possiblity to get a piece of land of 750 Square Metres on the beach front at a very good price. This is an incredible oportunity for you all, so come and contact us as quickly as possible for more information on the following email address : voxenham@intnet.mu the price of the piece of land is fixed at 176000 Euros/ 118400 Pounds Sterling (livres Sterlin)/ 212900 USD (U.S Dollars) Also due to Fluctuations in other currencies, the prices above are not very accurate, in Rupees it will, the price will be 5.3/5.2 million rupees, of course all those prices are debatable and again first to offer will be first served. Pictures of the piece of land can be available on demand at the above address.
    waiting to hear about you soon
    yours sincerely
    Vincent Oxenham

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