Stark Truth on Nelson Mandela - Symbol of Freedom or Subservience ? Parts 1 & 2

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  1. Stark Truth on Nelson Mandela - Symbol of Freedom or Subservience ? Part 1

    While sympathising with the families of Nelson Mandela [1918-2013] following his demise on 05/12/2013 and wishing them well, the world should always be aware of the stark truth about Mandela. Nelson Mandela is « The white man’s favourite politician », says Thabo M’beki. Although originally a freedom fighter to liberate South Africa from the clutches of European savagery and oppression, Nelson Mandela ended up being used by the White Establishment as an instrument to further its cause. To show their gratitude, White Europeans, who originally branded him a terrorist, have turned him into a pop star and a demigod through propaganda.

    Nelson Mandela - « The white man’s favourite politician »
    (Left : Margaret Thatcher who branded ANC « terrorist »)

    Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, born 18th July 1918, was an anti-Apartheid activist and leader of the African National Congress (ANC). He said he was inspired by Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi in his attempt to free South Africa from White European terrorism and racism but, like Gandhi, he was also committed to self-defence against violence if peaceful means failed. Mandela was also a member of the armed wing of the ANC, the Umkhonto we Sizwe. Europeans branded him a Communist and a terrorist. He was arrested, charged with many ‘crimes’ and convicted of sabotage for trying to overthrow the racist South African regime supported by Western Europeans, including Americans, Canadians, Australians, New Zealanders, and Israelis after the creation of Apartheid Israel in Palestine in 1948.

    The ‘freedom fighter’
    As a freedom fighter, Nelson Mandela could be compared to the likes of Robert Mugabe of the then Rhodesia, Fidel Castro of Cuba, Osama Bin Laden of Arabia fighting to free Afghanistan from Soviet occupation, the late Yasser Arafat of occupied Palestine and thousands of others fighting for freedom from the global terror of mainly western imperialism.

    Although Apartheid was introduced by the racist National Party (NP) in the 1948 ‘elections’ and became governing political policy, segregation was practiced in South Africa long before. The Apartheid regime committed unspeakable crimes and atrocities against Black and Asian South Africans – crimes against humanity. The Soweto massacre is but one example.

    A real freedom fighter​
    While Nelson Mandela was spending 27 years of his life in the prison of Apartheid, other opposition figures were kidnapped and murdered. Steve Biko, who was gaining great popularity through slogans like « Black consciousness » and « Black is beautiful », was stopped at a road block, stripped naked, tortured and murdered in custody because his captors knew he could not be bought nor would they be able to change his psychological make-up in seeking justice for Black South Africans. On the other hand, they could obtain ‘positive’ results in the case of Nelson Mandela who they brainwashed in prison; otherwise, they would have murdered him too. With Steve Biko and other activists eliminated, only the name of Nelson Mandela reverberated round the world as a mere symbol of freedom, but no more. Although he may well have been a source of inspiration, it is ludicrous to make people believe that Mandela was ‘leading’ a resistance movement from prison.

    Seeing that the Apartheid regime was on the verge of collapse, and fearing the consequences of a revolution that would take countless White lives, the European West prepared the ground to place a Black stooge at the head of the country upon the dismantling of the Apartheid regime. So, they decided to strike a deal with « terrorist » Nelson Mandela while he was still in prison. As part of this process, the Apartheid President P.W. Botha made contact with Mandela in 1985 upon the advice of the British and other European governments, which include the USA and Israel. In 1988, the British authorised the organisation of the « Free Nelson Mandela » concert at Wembley Stadium where pop stars and other celebrities galvanised in the mind of the public only Mandela, but no one else. At that time, Mandela was in his 25th year of internment. It should be remembered that other ANC senior leaders, such as Walter Sisulu, Andrew Mlangeni, Ahmed Kathrada and Raymond Mhlaba, were also incarcerated, but little is mentioned about them. No explanation was given as to why such a concert was not organised many years before, and why none was ever hosted to free the Palestinians whose country was also stolen and populated by Europeans.

    No justice sought
    Nelson Mandela surrendered to the diktat of Western Europeans and agreed a deal in which no action would be taken against any White man despite the atrocious crimes committed against the Blacks and Asians of South Africa. Mandela agreed that the White supremacists, who also have monopoly in the exploitation of its gold and diamond mines, would keep everything they had stolen and continue to manage the economy of the country. He also agreed to discontinue the nuclear weapons programme the Apartheid regime was pursuing with Apartheid Israel because they did not want nuclear weapons to fall into the hands of Black Africans. Upon this blue print, President Frederick Willem de Klerk announced the release of Nelson Mandela in February 1990, after 27 years of incarceration. Even though Mandela still refused to renounce the armed struggle he committed himself to in the 1960’s because he said it « was a purely defensive action against the violence of apartheid », to all practical purposes there was no need for it because he had already effectively sold his country to the oppressors and became the most revered Black poodle in the European West.

    In the New Statesman dated 10th April 2008, John Pilger commented : « I wondered how he [Mandela] had emerged from a quarter-century of incarceration as a sane, rounded, tolerant and gracious human being. »

    Without adequate time for rehabilitation, Mandela was elected President of the ANC in 1991, and took part in the country’s first multi-party elections in 1994 when he was elected President of South Africa after he was jointly awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993 with Apartheid President F W de Klerk. The South Africans were an exhausted and traumatised people under decades of Apartheid, and they were more concerned with its abolition than with Nelson Mandela who was a mere figure head. Mandela only remained President for four years (1994 – 1999) after which Thabo M’beki became President.

    European Agent
    Nelson Mandela is seen by many as an agent at the beck and call of Europeans. He cannot strictly be compared with M. K. Gandhi who was considered as a real leader with deep sense of values. The White European Establishment is using Mandela as a pawn to influence world affairs in their favour. From his early release, instead of concerning himself with the monumental tasks within his own country, especially having been in prison for 27 years and totally disoriented, he indulged in overseas missions at the behest of Europeans.

    In 1992, Mandela ‘proposed’ to President George Bush (Sr) to try the two Libyans framed in the Lockerbie Pan Am Flight 103 crash over Scotland in 1988 in a third European (not African) country, and ‘persuaded’ Colonel Muammar Gaddafi to comply. In a corrupt deal made with Gaddafi, who the Americans tried to assassinate but missed and killed his adopted daughter in the bombing of Tripoli, the two suspects were delivered to the Dutch authorities, the Netherlands being one of the supporters of Apartheid. One was freed, but the second, Libyan agent Megrahi, was convicted on the most flimsy of ‘evidence’ (Ref. Robert Fisk & Mrs Irvine whose brother, Bill Cadman, was killed in the crash). On 15th Oct 08, the High Court gave Megrahi leave of appeal against his conviction on the ground that a miscarriage of justice may have occurred. The appeal is expected to be heard in 2009 before the Criminal Appeal Court.

    In 1999, Mandela agreed to intermediate between Israel, another ally of Apartheid South Africa, and its neighbours. During his visit to Iran (not truly a neighbour of Israel !), he was more concerned with the fate of the 13 Jews accused of spying for Israel and the United States. As a ‘supporter’ of the Palestinian struggle, Mandela said that Israel should withdraw to pre-1967 borders, but at the same time, he was effectively against such withdrawal unless Arab States recognised the Apartheid State in Palestine, and he saw Israel as an « economic powerhouse » in the Middle East. He makes no mention of the theft of Palestinian lands, the holocaust and exodus of the Palestinian people, let alone the will of Palestinians. Would Mandela have accepted the creation of the Apartheid State of Israel in South Africa, his own homeland ? On the other hand, condemning the assassination of the paraplegic Sheik Yassin, Winnie Mandela, the ex-wife of Nelson Mandela and former President of the ANC Women’s League, said « Apartheid Israel can be defeated, just as apartheid in South Africa was defeated » (Source: Asia Africa Intelligence Wire, 26 march 2004 – BBC Monitoring International Reports).

    Although Mandela criticised American venture in Iraq and for « undermining » the United Nations, he fails to ask himself what good were the UN during all the decades of South African Apartheid. Why is he not going to occupied Iraq, Afghanistan, Kashmir and Diego Garcia?

    (to cont...)

    M Rafic Soormally
    15th July 2009
    Updated 10 December 2013
  2. Stark Truth on Nelson Mandela - Symbol of Freedom or Subservience ? Part 2

    (... contd)

    Mandela in Parliament Square

    Nelson Mandela at the unveiling ceremony of his bronze statue
    on 29th August 2007 in Parliament Square, London

    Like a ‘White European’ statesman, Nelson Mandela’s statue is in Parliament Square, which many Black Africans regard as « Apartheid Square », where he joins the Mothers of Apartheid. During the unveiling ceremony of his statue on 29th August 2007, Mandela said with shocking callousness : « We half-joked that we hoped that one day a statue of a black person would be erected here alongside that of General Smuts ». General Ian Smuts was the leader of the Boers and a racist who practiced segregation in South Africa. Strangely, Mandela is not speaking out against Israeli Apartheid and freedom and justice for Palestinians, but about some vague freedom all around the world without saying where.

    Pop concert in place of Soweto Trial
    Nelson Mandela never sought justice for the sufferings of the South African people. He hardly mentioned Steve Biko. There was no SOWETO TRIAL like there was the Nuremberg Trial, nor did he campaign for one. He never invoked the South African holocaust like so many other holocausts on the African continent. His campaign is mainly against AIDS which, based upon European propaganda, he accepts as an African disease, which is totally and utterly false. The first recognised cases of AIDS occurred in New York and California in the early 1980’s among male homosexuals, which Mandela does not want people to know.

    When, at Nelson Mandela’s pop star status 90th birthday celebrations in Hyde Park on 27th June 2008 (ahead of his birthday in July 2008 ), June Sarpong, born of Ghanaian parents, describes Mandela as « the greatest man to ever walk the face of this planet », she was merely demonstrating the epitome of fascist propaganda which is so commonplace in the European West. It is doubtful whether the South Africans whose families were murdered and terrorised under Apartheid and for whom justice has never been done would share her view. Nelson Mandela has been turned into a European pop star and a demigod. As a ‘gift’ for his 90th birthday, George Bush recently signed « into law a bill removing Mandela and other members of the African National Congress from a three-decade-old terrorist watch list. » [7 July 2008]. Now, the European west prepares for his 91st birthday on 18th July 2009 to shower more praise upon him for serving their interests so faithfully.

    « The white man’s favourite politician »
    Thabo M’beki said that Nelson Mandela is « the white man’s favourite politician » and that « When the White man kicks you down, he also tells you how to react ». Furthermore, M’beki said: « Sometimes when you are in a helicopter and look down, you don't have to ask which one is a white suburb and which one is an African location. You can see it from the trees [..] That's what we inherited and that's what we must change ». He went on to say « "a long long time ago" there was a white man who was the president of Zimbabwe who said when he was asked when his country would be called Zimbabwe he said "never in a thousand years". Two years later that country was called Zimbabwe. »

    African countries should ensure that their people are taught their history properly based upon credible African historians, and not allow racist powers to meddle in their internal affairs. This is the real disease which is plaguing Africa and the Middle East. Freedom does not mean voting for a pro-European corrupt leader in an African country. Europeans are in no position to teach Africans about democracy, freedom and liberty. Nelson Mandela’s subservience to White Europeans is glaring and most regrettable. Their strategy is to try and elevate South Africa as an African superpower under their aegis in order to dominate the African continent, a design which they always had under Apartheid South Africa.

    Unlike the philosophy of M K Gandhi, Nelson Mandela is free to let the British write his autobiography (Ref. Anthony Sampson), landscape his garden (Ref. Ground Force), put up his statue in Parliament Square alongside the statue of racist General Jan Christian Smuts, also PM of South Africa between 1939 and 1948, and visit the British Queen in her Palace, but he should not pretend to speak in the name of Africa with its diverse populations which have suffered so much without justice in sight. Mandela is far from being the symbol of freedom he used to be. For the White Man, justice for Blacks against Whites amounts to vengeance, and Mandela subserviently bowed down to this nonsense. Nelson Mandela must go down in history for what he really is and not as some form of messiah and idol manufactured by the European West. Mandela never truly freed South Africa. John Pilger confirms how « The struggle against apartheid has begun again in South Africa » [New Statesman, 10th April 2008].

    M Rafic Soormally
    15 July 2009
    Updated 10 December 2013
  3. boispignolet

    boispignolet Membre

    Rafic, vous avez parfaitement le droit de venir sur ce forum afin de tenter de salir la mémoire de Nelson Mandela en vous basant uniquement sur vos convictions et quelques écrits que vous pensez véridiques.

    Je constate tout de même que sous l’ère Mandela, l’Afrique du Sud s’est notablement modifiée et les troubles ont considérablement diminué, ce qui n’est déjà pas si mal.

    Mais le racisme ne va pas cesser d’un coup de baguette magique. Trop d’années de souffrance ne vont pas s’effacer de la mémoire collective en quelques années. Il suffit de prendre l’exemple de l’esclavage qui reste gravé dans les mémoires et dans la vôtre plus particulièrement lorsque vous critiquez la langue créole.

    Rafic, vous critiquez sans cesse l’Europe, mais au lieu de cracher continuellement sur les Européens, mettez vos écrits en accord avec vos convictions. Quittez l’Europe !

    Car vous êtes tout de même réfugié en Grande-Bretagne, ancien pays colonisateur de l’Ile Maurice.

    Vous n’avez pas honte de pactiser ainsi avec un pays qui a été esclavagiste ?

    Que de compromissions pour un morceau de pain !

    Vous y avez trouvé une hospitalité, un job et peut-être une double nationalité. Quelle ingratitude !

    C’est Rafic qui crache dans la soupe au pays des merveilles !

    Les circonstances de la mort de Steve Biko me font penser à celles de Kaya…et pour laquelle vous n’avez pas réagi.

    Il ne faut pas être naïf, Mandela seul n’aurait pas pu faire tout ce qui a été réalisé et les lecteurs de ce forum le savent bien.
  4. 'Saint Nelson mandela'

    This is what the media reported on Nelson Mandela on The Truth about South Africa:

    Monday, 4 February 2013

    Saint Nelson Mandela

    << If you want to get a top job in Hollywood, it seems like you have to list "meeting Nelson Mandela" as one of your achievements on your resume.
    They line up like desperate puppies at his gate to shake his hand. When they are interviewed years later, they go on about meeting the old terrorist and how his smile "changed their lives".

    Statues of Madiba are littered all over the world. But we're not all fooled by the MSM puppet. >>


    << This guy was in jail for terrorism and treason. Like hundreds of Islamic terrorists in Guantanamo Bay. I don't know why the US hasn't done the same thing to diffuse Islamic Terrorism. All you have to do is brainwash one of the prisoners in Guantanamo Bay, put him under house arrest for a few years and groom him to become a messiah of the oppressed masses. Most people would believe the crap if you keep ramming it into their heads. Even the most anti-Islamic American would - after a few years of indoctrination - believe that the guy was actually a saint. >>

    Sunday, 9 June 2013

    Saint Mandela's on the way out...

    << When did he become the messiah? It really irritates me. How many people are just bowing down to the man because the world's media is making him out to be the Savior of all people?

    Truth is, the WHITES in South Africa voted to abolish Apartheid. The old terrorist was IN JAIL. HE didn't end Apartheid. In fact, he did very little to end it. He was chosen as a figurehead by the media, big business and the Nats.

    But go on, have your hero. We all need a messiah. >>


    The above are verbatim quotes.

    It should be mentioned that the author merely copied the European propaganda term ‘Islamic terrorism’. Similarly, there cannot be the ‘terrorism of Christianity, the ‘terrorism of Judaism’ or the ‘terrorism of Hinduism’, although they may well be terrorists who are Christians, Muslims, Jewish or Hindus.

    But the author made a very pertinent point when he said that :

    « This guy [Nelson Mandela] was in jail for terrorism and treason [..] All you have to do is brainwash one of the prisoners in Guantanamo Bay [read Robben Island], put him under house arrest for a few years [read 27 years in the case of Mandela] and groom him to become a messiah of the oppressed masses. Most people would believe the crap if you keep ramming it into their heads. Even the most anti-Islamic [read racist] American would - after a few years of indoctrination - believe that the guy was actually a saint. »
  5. boispignolet

    boispignolet Membre

    Réponse à Rafic Soormally:

    Si j’ai bien compris, vos propos sont repris de médias, mais lesquels ? Citez vos sources !

    Vous reprenez à votre compte des propos venant de sources (les médias) que vous vilipendez lorsqu’elles sont en votre défaveur et surtout européennes, américaines ou juives.

    Ainsi, votre libre arbitre est sous l’emprise de certains médias !

    Vous êtes donc simplement un automate écervelé remonté par des médias. :mrgreen:

    Vous êtes peut-être tout simplement victime vous aussi d’un lavage de cerveau.

    Ce qui est certain, c’est que vous êtes un triste sire !

    Exemple :
  6. « If at first you don't succeed, lie, lie again! » Motto of the White House

    « If at first you don't succeed, lie, lie again! » Motto of the White House​

    Having manufactured a myth of sainthood around Nelson Mandela to keep Africa and the Middle East under subjugation, media fabrications, fake speeches and stories, by the western media, have been enormous. Now that Mandela has passed away, they have staged a memorial service full of acting and fake impressions as they have done since ‘terrorist’ Mandela was released from 27 years of incarceration. The pro-western South African government, still very much in the hands of the imperialists, even sent in a fake sign language interpreter to Mandela’s memorial service to put the icing on the cake of Mandela’s sainthood, especially portraying him with warmonger US African-European-American President Barack Hussein Obama who is still keeping alive the Guantamo Bay torture camp like the one set up in Robben Island.

    South African interpreter and US President Barack Obama deserve each other​

    Sign language experts were swift in spotting and denouncing the interpreter, just like many photo experts were quick to expose the fake pictures of Usama Bin Laden.

    Heaven knows how many such lies and fakeries the western imperialists and their agents have made people believe over the centuries. Examples abound :
    (1) Africans had smaller brains than White men and could be enslaved.
    (2) American Indians, Aboriginies and Maories were savages and should be decimated or kept in reserves and their countries taken away from them.
    (3) Palestine belongs to Jewish Europeans who are at liberty to murder, rape and kill Palestinians and drive them from their homes.
    (4) Diego Garcia and the Malvinas belong to Europeans.
    (5) Only Jewish Europeans were victims of a holocaust (NOT African slaves, Palestinians, American Indians, Aborigines, etc.) when over 26 million Russians were killed during World War 2 and Poland revised the number of Jewish Europeans who died in Auschwitz from 4 million to 1.5 million.

    (6) Usama Bin Laden was behind 9/11 and that he was killed in Pakistan in May 2011 when he died of natural causes in December 2001. How many of fake stories about him and faked pictures of him have not been said and splashed across the western propaganda machine.
    Fake Photo used by Reuters and the British Press​

    Now, the world is witnessing another showman, a poodle of a pro-western South African regime, even faking sign language, right next to US President Barack Hussein Obama, to commemorate the death of Nelson Mandela, the White man’s favourite politician, in a despicable attempt to poison people’s minds through the Méthode Coué. « If at first you don't succeed, lie, lie again! », which is a tenant of fascist propaganda and Zionism.

    Since Nelson Mandela has been anointed with the oil of ‘forgiving’ White Europeans for their crimes against humanity, readers ought to be aware of the following quote from a former President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln:
    « I will say then that I am not, nor ever have been in favor of bringing about in anyway the social and political equality of the white and black races - that I am not nor ever have been in favor of making voters or jurors of negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people; and I will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference between the white and black races which I believe will forever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality. And inasmuch as they cannot so live, while they do remain together there must be the position of superior and inferior, and I as much as any other man am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white race. I say upon this occasion I do not perceive that because the white man is to have the superior position the negro should be denied everything. »

  7. boispignolet

    boispignolet Membre

    Vous dénoncez le mensonge des autres, commencez donc par les vôtres !

    Dans de nombreux posts, j’ai dénoncé vos mensonges, car vous mentez comme un arracheur de dents.

    Aujourd’hui, vous déversez votre fiel sur un homme qui a passé 27 ans de sa vie en prison et ça, vous ne pouvez pas le nier.

    Vous nous servez un post nauséabond dont vous auriez puisé les informations dans des médias. Lesquels ?

    Je vous mets au défi devant les lecteurs de ce forum de citer vos sources dont vous cautionnez la fiabilité.

    C’est à vous…
  8. « The Hijacking of Mandela’s Legacy »

    « The Hijacking of Mandela’s Legacy », Pepe Escobar

    In the article « The Hijacking of Mandela’s Legacy » written by Pepe Escobar published in DISSIDENT VOICE on 10th December 2013, the author says the following about Nelson Mandela :

    << Beware of strangers bearing gifts. The “gift” is the ongoing, frantic canonization of Nelson Mandela. The “strangers” are the 0.0001 percent, that fraction of the global elite that’s really in control (media naturally included).

    It’s a Tower of Babel of tributes piled up in layer upon layer of hypocrisy – from the US to Israel and from France to Britain.

    What must absolutely be buried under the tower is that the apartheid regime in South Africa was sponsored and avidly defended by the West until, literally, it was about to crumble under the weight of its own contradictions. The only thing that had really mattered was South Africa’s capitalist economy and immense resources, and the role of Pretoria in fighting “communism.”Apartheid was, at best, a nuisance.

    Mandela is being allowed sainthood by the 0.0001% because he extended a hand to the white oppressor who kept him in jail for 27 years. And because he accepted – in the name of “national reconciliation” – that no apartheid killers would be tried, unlike the Nazis. >>

    << As for Israel, it even offered one of its nuclear weapons to the Afrikaners in Pretoria – presumably to wipe assorted African commies off the map.

    In his notorious 1990 visit to the US, now as a free man, Mandela duly praised Fidel, PLO chairman Yasser Arafat and Col. Gaddafi as his “comrades in arms”: “There is no reason whatsoever why we should have any hesitation about hailing their commitment to human rights.” Washington/Wall Street was livid.

    And this was Mandela’s take, in early 2003, on the by then inevitable invasion of Iraq and the wider war on terror; “If there is a country that has committed unspeakable atrocities in the world, it is the United States of America.” No wonder he was kept on the US government terrorist list until as late as 2008. >>

    << The best and the brightest in the revolutionary struggle – like Mandela – were either in jail, in exile, assassinated (like Steve Biko) or “disappeared”, Latin American death squad-style. The actual freedom struggle was mostly outside South Africa – in Angola, Namibia and the newly liberated Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

    Once again, make no mistake; without Cuba – as Mandela amply stressed writing from jail in March 1988 – there would be “no liberation of our continent, and my people, from the scourge of apartheid”. Now get one of those 0.0001% to admit it.

    In spite of the debacle the regime – supported by the West – sensed an opening. Why not negotiate with a man who had been isolated from the outside world since 1962? No more waves and waves of Third World liberation struggles; Africa was now mired in war, and all sorts of socialist revolutions had been smashed, from Che Guevara killed in Bolivia in 1967 to Allende killed in the 1973 coup in Chile.

    Mandela had to catch up with all this and also come to grips with the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of what European intellectuals called “real socialism.” And then he would need to try to prevent a civil war and the total economic collapse of South Africa. >>
  9. boispignolet

    boispignolet Membre

    Alléluia ! Monsieur Rafic Soormally a trouvé son messie : il s’agit de Pepe Escobar, journaliste engagé et chroniqueur d’Asia Times.

    Si Pepe Escobar écrivait que la terre est carrée, notre Rafic nous ferait aussitôt un magnifique post pour acquiescer !

    Pepe Escobar met en scène dans maints médias sa pensée sur de nombreux sujets et principalement politiques. Il se met souvent en vedette et à l’air d’aimer se médiatiser.

    Faut-il croire aveuglément ses déductions qui sont basées uniquement sur un raisonnement invérifiable ? Je ne le pense pas.

    Évidemment, cela en arrange quelques-uns lorsque Pepe Escobar tacle certains pays ou personnages politiques.

    Malheureusement pour Nelson Mandela, Rafic est un musulman qui a les juifs en horreur.
    Et Nelson Mandela a écrit lui-même dans son autobiographie : « J’ai trouvé les Juifs plus ouverts d’esprit que la plupart des Blancs sur les questions de race et d’exclusion, peut-être parce qu’ils ont été eux-mêmes victimes de ces préjugés dans l’histoire »

    Et ça, c’est certainement resté au travers de la gorge de l’excité londonien ce qui explique sa prose déplacée, complètement déplacée.

    Car, entre les Juifs et Mandela, c’était une longue histoire qui a commencé en 1941, lorsqu’il avait 23 ans : c’est un cabinet d’avocats juif de Johannesburg qui lui avait permis de passer son stage de juriste chez eux.

    Rafic, Pepe Escobar est votre seule source que vous crédibilisez ????

    Un seul homme sur terre tombe à bras raccourcis sur Mandela et c’est suffisant pour mettre en action les mains - aux veines gonflées par la haine - de Rafic sur son clavier d’ordinateur.

    C’est comme au théâtre, il lui faut un souffleur pour qu’il prenne la prose ! :mrgreen:

    Le petit colporteur de nouvelles infondées n’a certainement pas assez de jugeote pour se faire sa propre opinion.

    Quel pitoyable spectacle donné sur ce forum ! :rolleyes:

    Mais le pire, c’est que sa prose injustifiée, non corroborée et surtout calomnieuse a été acceptée sur le blog du journal Le Matinal. Cela dénote le manque de sérieux de ce titre qu'il faut éviter d'acheter.

    Finalement, Rafic n’est qu’un mouton de Panurge.
  10. Nelson Mandela - « Héros de la bourgeoisie », Robert Bibeau, 12 décembre 2013

    Nelson Mandela - « Héros de la bourgeoisie », Robert Bibeau, 12 décembre 2013

    « On dit de Nelson Mandela qu’il fut une icône de la lutte contre l’apartheid en Afrique du Sud. Nelson Mandela fut surtout le héros de la bourgeoisie et le dernier des égarés de l’Arche de Noé des Non-alignés, une assemblée de 120 pays compromis avec un bloc impérialiste ou avec un autre... »

    « Les média «mainstream» à la solde des riches pleurent le héros de la fin de l’Apartheid politique, mais l’Apartheid économique a-t-il été aboli au pays des Zoulous ? Réconciliation nationale et pardon Arc-en-ciel ont été mis à l’honneur par les «bobos» mais qu’en est-il des ouvriers sud-africains parqués dans des townships délabrés ? »

    La misère mortifère se répand comme du chiendent
    « Depuis la soi-disant «libération» de l’apartheid en 1991, une majorité des 40 millions de noirs (75 % de la population du pays) vivent l’enfer sur Terre. »

    La sanctification conférée par Madiba
    « Le 30 juin 1991 l’oligarchie blanche minière et milliardaire de l’Afrique du Sud raciste acquérait ses lettres de noblesse internationales, lettres d’accréditation contresignées par le Président noir pacifiste, tenant du non-alignement, l’avocat Madiba-Mandela, le héros des «bobos» occidentaux (2). »

    « En 1991, après la procession du pardon, les bourreaux racistes s’excusèrent d’avoir occis, ostracisé, opprimé et exploité leurs esclaves enferrés et les transformèrent en esclaves salariés. Le ferme propos de ne plus recommencer n’y étant pas, sitôt confessé et pardonné, les récidivistes milliardaires firent ce qu’il faut pour que la potiche Mandela ne dérange pas leurs plans de brigands. L’exploitation des damnés des mines et des terres agricoles, dirigés par les hobereaux de couleur, allait se poursuivre implacablement. Rien n’avait changé au pays de la pauvreté non-partagé. »

    « Mandela reçu mission de se promener à travers le monde sous les projecteurs télés payés par ses sponsors Afrikaners et de faire croire à la liberté, tandis que les ouvriers Sud-africains geignaient et mouraient dans le fond des puits de minières Afrikaners. »

    « Le 30 juin 1991, les actionnaires et les banquiers capitalistes de Johannesburg, de Londres, de Rotterdam et de New York partageaient leur mainmise hégémonique sur le pouvoir politique en Afrique-du-Sud, à la condition que le pouvoir réel, économique, resta entièrement entre les mains des Afrikaners. Ce jour-là, le grand capital international salua la naissance d’une bourgeoisie noire compradore, assoiffée de prébendes, qu’elle n’obtiendrait qu’en quantité mesurée en fonction des services rendus dans la sujétion de la plèbe ouvrière noire récalcitrante. »

    « Aucune des nationalisations des terres, des mines, des usines, des banques promises par Mandela au peuple africain ne furent réalisées par le premier président noir d’Afrique du Sud, alors que la Charte de la Liberté adopté par l’ANC l’y obligeait. »


    Madiba could only ‘forgive’ the harm white racists did to him but not to others
  11. boispignolet

    boispignolet Membre

    La population de la terre est estimée en 2013 à un petit peu plus de 7 milliards d’humains.
    Aujourd’hui, 3 semblent vouloir chercher des noises à Nelson Mandela. Il est vrai qu’un mort ne peut pas riposter.
    3 minuscules gouttes dans une cuvette de w.c. ! Il suffit de tirer la chasse…
  12. Should Mauritians start worshiping Benjamin Moutou?

    Should Mauritians start worshiping Benjamin Moutou?

    European slavery of Black Africans - Benjamin Moutou : «Il faut pardonner et oublier»

    Benjamin Moutou seems to be a disciple of Nelson Mandela as he too wants others to forgive crimes against Black Africans.

    One would have thought that forgiveness is a personal act relating to harm done by others, in this case by white racists, to oneself or one's ancestors.

    But when Benjamin Moutou leads a political campaign, not to seek Justice as he was paid to do through Taxpayers' money as a member of the Truth and Justice Commission, to demand forgiveness from others, may be he takes himself for a Messiah and a Saint too!

    Should Mauritians start worshiping Benjamin Moutou?

  13. boispignolet

    boispignolet Membre

    Mon cher Rafic,

    Vous êtes à bout d’arguments, alors vous tentez comme d’habitude de dévier une discussion hors de son sujet.

    Grosse ficelle, qui ne va certainement pas contenter les lecteurs.
    Vous êtes un obsédé, vous voulez absolument que tous les gens soient des messies ou des saints ! :mrgreen:

    Vous n’avez que les arguments basés sur les convictions de deux penseurs militants et que vous reprenez à votre compte pour descendre Mandela.

    Pourtant, pendant les cinq années de présidence de Nelson Mandela, il s’en est passé des choses en Afrique du Sud.

    Merci de nous dire dans quels pays 100% de la population est d’accord avec ses dirigeants et la politique menée par ceux-ci.

    Vous n’avez aucune preuve de ce que vous avancez et c’est très dommageable pour votre crédibilité et insultant à l’égard de Nelson Mandela.

    Mais, admettons que j’adhère à votre démonstration, que Nelson Mandela ait été « une potiche ». Eh bien, j’aimerais actuellement voir des potiches comme lui dans de nombreux pays afin que revienne la paix.

    Mandela a été au pouvoir pendant seulement 5 ans. Pensez-vous honnêtement que ce laps de temps soit suffisant pour mener à bien toutes les réformes envisagées et changer une situation tri-séculaire ?

    Vous reprenez les propos de Robert Bibeau : « « Aucune des nationalisations des terres, des mines, des usines, des banques promises par Mandela au peuple africain ne furent réalisées par le premier président noir d’Afrique du Sud, alors que la Charte de la Liberté adoptée par l’ANC l’y obligeait. »

    Les messies du yakafokon pullulent de par le monde, mais sont malheureusement improductifs. :rolleyes:

    La Charte de la Liberté de l’ANC est devenue plus une ligne de conduite qu’une directive absolue, car elle a été rédigée à l’époque par des personnes qui se trouvaient en dehors des réalités politiques et économiques du pays et qui ont fini par comprendre que la gestion d’un pays est parsemée d’embûches de toutes sortes.

    Je ne pense pas que la nationalisation des terres, des mines, des usines et des banques aurait tout réglé d’un coup. Il est illusoire de croire cela, car ce sont les mêmes employés et ouvriers qui auraient été aux manettes pour trimer dans les basses besognes.

    L’Afrique du Sud ressemble un peu à l’Ile Maurice, car c’est une nation multiethnique dont la population utilise une douzaine de langues et pratique une douzaine de religions.

    Dans ces conditions, encore plus qu’à Maurice, l’harmonie est difficile à réaliser et Rafic en sait quelque chose, lui qui critique sans cesse une composante de la population mauricienne.

    Rafic, vous êtes un colporteur d’idées archaïques et un propagateur de mensonges
  14. The blessing of ‘Saint’ Mandela

    The blessing of ‘Saint’ Mandela


    The fake sign language interpreter next to US President Barack Obama during the memorial function of Nelson Mandela, not only spoke gibberish like those who want to forgive racist killers, but also received treatment for schizophrenia (normally suffered by those imprisoned for many years) and faced charges of rape, theft, housebreaking, murder and kidnapping, exactly like the racists who ruled South Africa and who ‘Saint’ Mandela forgave, not only in his own name, but in the name of every Black South African who suffered harm and every human being who wants to see justice done. What an irony!

  15. boispignolet

    boispignolet Membre

    Rafic, vous avez bien besoin que l’on vous botte le cul !

    Dans votre post vous dites clairement que les créoles parlent un charabia, mais c’est toute l’Ile Maurice qui parle ce charabia et même le président de la république et le premier ministre.

    Personnellement, je trouve que votre présence sur ce forum est inconvenante. Vous venez ici pour insulter une composante de la population de l’Ile Maurice, vous dénigrez sans preuve Nelson Mandela le jour de son hommage, vous dénigrez les juifs, les Français, les homosexuels, etc., bref, vous êtes un être malfaisant et surtout un menteur.

    La vocation première de ce forum ce n’est pas cela d’après le règlement. Les modérateurs feraient bien de jeter un œil sur vos posts et prendre les mesures qui s’imposent.

    Ce forum ne me semble pas être une tribune pour un individu raciste qui ne fait que proférer des insultes mais ne propose rien et ne répond jamais aux questions qu’on lui pose.

    Rafic, vous êtes la honte de votre pays.
  16. « Le démantèlement de l’apartheid a bénéficié à une bourgeoisie noire »

    « Le démantèlement de l’apartheid a bénéficié à une bourgeoisie noire » - Dev Virahsawmy

    This is what Dev Virahsawmy, one of the founding members of the MMM, has to say about Nelson Mandela :

    « Je suis contre le fait d'exagérer notre tristesse [pour Nelson Mandela] pour les besoins de la galerie.

    Que ce soient des gens qui s'appellent Obama ou Hollande, ils n'ont rien fait pour aider l'Afrique à sortir de l’apartheid et, aujourd’hui, ils se vantent d'être de grands admirateurs de Mandela. Les Français, les Anglais et les Américains ont toujours traité Mandela de terroriste. Et qui étaient ceux qui ont soutenu Mandela dans son combat ? Il y avait Fidel Castro, Kadhafi, Mugabe et on ignore la contribution de ces gens-là. Aujourd’hui, on oublie complètement ceux qui ont aidé Mandela dans son combat.

    [..] Je crois qu'il l’a lui-même senti et il a dit qu'il n'est pas un saint.

    Mais il avait une très grande faiblesse. Sa connaissance de l'économie était relativement faible. Et, alors, quand il a quitté la prison, il a été accaparé par les néo-libéraux américains et européens qui lui ont fait croire que la seule solution pour le développement de l'Afrique du Sud, c’était le capitalisme à outrance.

    Sous Mandela, la longévité des Africains a été réduite. Puis, c'est une élite noire qui a grimpé les échelons pour s'asseoir à côté de l'élite de l’apartheid. Le démantèlement de l’apartheid a bénéficié à une bourgeoisie noire. Le programme de l’ANC a été relégué aux oubliettes au profit du néo-libéralisme. Ce qui se passe au niveau des masses populaires est triste. Les pauvres sont devenus plus pauvres, le chômage est devenu un problème hyper sérieux. A cause de tout cela, l’Afrique du Sud est devenu un pays violent où il n'y a plus de sécurité aujourd'hui. La résolution des problèmes sociaux et économiques, et la justice sociale que réclamait l’ANC n'ont pas eu lieu. Aujourd'hui, la corruption au sein du pouvoir noir est devenu un problème très grave. »
    Dev Virahsawmy, 13 December 2013
  17. boispignolet

    boispignolet Membre

    Comme c’est comique ! :mrgreen:

    Aujourd’hui vous reprenez les déclarations de celui que vous vilipendez à longueur de posts !

    M. Virahsawmy semble retourner sa veste dans cet entretien, mais c’est habituel dans ce
    Par contre, prenez l’habitude de citer vos sources, car vous ne mettez ici que les passages qui vous intéressent :

    M. Virahsawmy dit aussi : « Mandela était un grand génie de la politique mais je voudrais qu'on évite de le déifier. Je crois qu'il l’a lui-même senti et il a dit qu'il n'est pas un saint. Il a pu mener son combat jusqu'à la fin. Il faut reconnaître le courage de cet homme qui a fait beaucoup de sacrifices. Il a avancé de nouvelles idées, il a été influencé par les idées et les travaux de Gandhi, par le christianisme et, au niveau spirituel, il a proposé des idées intéressantes. »

    Quoi qu’il en soit, c’est l’appréciation d’un homme d’extrême gauche dont l’épouse féministe est présidente du Gender and Media Southern Africa(association qui œuvre pour l’égalité des sexes dans les médias).

    L’égalité des sexes dans les médias !!! C’est vachement important l’égalité des sexes dans les médias en Afrique du Sud ! Les habitants des townships ne s’intéressent qu’à ça !

    Dev Virahsawmy, comme bien d’autres, devrait être plus mesuré dans ses affirmations et faire état de ce dont il est certain, avec preuves à l’appui et se cantonner à ce qu’il sait faire, c’est-à-dire la linguistique. Les impressions entrainant parfois vers des choses souvent contraires à la vérité.
    Lorsqu’il déclare que « Le démantèlement de l’apartheid a bénéficié à une bourgeoisie noire », implicitement, il fait état d’un progrès notable : les noirs montent dans l’échelle sociale . C’est comme partout, les plus instruits occupent les meilleurs postes.
  18. US Professors boycott Apartheid Israel, ally of ' Mandela's ' South Africa

    US Professors boycott Apartheid Israel, ally of ' Mandela's ' South Africa

  19. boispignolet

    boispignolet Membre

    Sur la photo les profs, au vu des résultats positifs obtenus par Nelson Mandela en Afrique du Sud, souhaitent manifestement la même chose en Palestine. Madela étant décédé, il ne reste que Rafic Soormally pour proposer des solutions.

    Ce qui se passe à Gaza est inadmissible et le jusqu’au-boutiste des parties belligérantes ne permet pas d’entrevoir la sortie de cette impasse. Il faudrait deux Nelson Mandela (juif et musulman) pour mettre fin à ce conflit.

    Mais pourquoi associer Mandela à cette manifestation ?

    Si les Israéliens ont aidé l’Afrique du Sud, ils sont alliés avec bien d’autres pays et notamment l’Inde, le pays des ancêtres de Rafic Soormally.

    Israël aide militairement l’Inde et dans de nombreux autres domaines.
    Les juifs sont implantés en Inde depuis longtemps et ils ont même une synagogue.

    Rafic descend peut-être de Bene Israël ! :mrgreen:

    Israël est l’allié de plusieurs pays dont l’Inde :

    Première visite officielle d'un chef de l'armée israélienne en Inde ? Namaste ! Salam !

    Inde et Israël, des partenaires très discrets, par Isabelle Saint-Mézard (Le Monde diplomatique)

    view of the synagogue in Mattancherry - Photo de Paradesi Synagogue, Cochin - TripAdvisor

    Israël va aider l?Inde à diversifier ses cultures de fruits et de légumes | Europe Israel - analyses, informations sur Israel, l'Europe et le Moyen-Orient : Avec l?aide d?Israël, l?Inde peut nourrir le monde entier. -

    Bene Israël - Wikipédia

    Histoire des Juifs en Inde - Wikipédia
  20. « Apartheid Israel can be defeated », Winnie Mandela

    « Apartheid Israel can be defeated, just as apartheid in South Africa was defeated », Winnie Mandela


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