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Sunday 24 September 2017

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Places to visit:

  • Pamplemousses Garden
  • Domaine Les Pailles
  • Le Val, natural park
  • Domaine du Chasseur
  • Port Louis and its Central Market
  • Port Louis and Grand Port Museums

For more places and more information, visit the Mauritius Tourist Promotion Authority or contact the Mauritius Internet Travel Service.

Please consult our list of hotels in Mauritius.

Passport & Visa Requirements:
Visa Requirements: No visa is needed for citizens of the United Kingdom and Colonies & of the Commonwealth, and passport holders of the European Community, USA. Please see your travel agent for more information.

Health Regulations:
No vaccination required for people coming from non-infected areas.

Import of plants and other agricultural products is prohibited. Dogs, cats, and other animals are subject to quarantine.

Customs allowances:
Duty Free: 200 cigarettes, 2L of spirits

Credit Cards Accepted:
American Express, Diners' club, MasterCard, Visa

Weights & Measures:
The Metric system is in force.

Mauritius Rupee (MUR)
1 Rupee = 100 cents
Notes: 1000, 500, 200, 100, 50 and 25.
Coins: 10, 5 and 1 rupee; 50, 20, 5 cents.

No exchange control.

Approximate rates:
USD 1.00 = Rs. 30.00
GBP 1.00 = Rs. 43.50
FRF 1.00 = Rs. 3.510

See the actual exchange rates of the Bank of Mauritius.

Electric Current: 220/240v.

Time Zone: GMT + 4 hours; EST + 9 hours. There is no Daylight Saving Time.

Language: Official language: English.
French is widely understood. The language of communication is Creole.

Winter (May through October): 22/26 C day & 16/20 C night.
Summer (November through April): 27/30 C day & 20/24 C night.

Business Hours:
Weekly holiday: Sunday.

Government: Mon - Fri: 0900 - 1600  
Banks: Mon - Fri: 0930 - 1430 Sat: 0930 - 1130
Commerce & Industry: Mon - Fri: 0900 - 1600 Sat: 0900 - 1200

Consulates, Embassies and Missions in Mauritius

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